Residents Seek to Preserve and Protect Green Space on Meadowbrook Road

Mirage Development Donation Covers 25% Local Match for MNRTF Grant

Aerial photos of properties

Novi resident and local developer Claudio Rossi has submitted a letter of commitment on behalf of Mirage Development to the City of Novi to donate 36 acres of land. The commitment to donate 36 acres of land is for the purpose of covering the City's 25% local match for the MNRTF grant. The donated property, appraised at $185,000, will provide the value in land to cover the City's portion of the MNRTF grant. The 36 acre property is located on Meadowbrook Road, just west of the 14+ acre Roskelly property.

The final land donation totaled 40 acres.

In addition to providing the City's local match for the MNRTF grant, the Mirage property includes very high-quality natural areas that can help boost the score of the City's grant application. The features of the property include:

Walled Lake Branch

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