Parkland Advocacy Organization Formed in Novi

Novi, MI., November 19, 2001

Lynda Racey
Friends of Novi Parks
P.O. Box 123, Novi MI 48376-0123
Tel: (248) 374-1888
Fax: (248) 596-9146

The proposal to use a large area of prime parkland for the City of Novi's Sandstone lawsuit settlement has inspired the creation of an organization called the Friends of Novi Parks (FONP). Organizers established the Friends of Novi Parks to support the protection, acquisition, and development of parks and open spaces within the city of Novi.

LuAnne Kozma, a FONP organizer stated, "When the city told residents it planned to sacrifice North Novi Park, many residents came to speak on the issue including park users, park commissioners, and others. They gave well-informed reasons why we need to preserve our parkland. They were ignored. By forming Friends of Novi Parks, we will be effective at advocating for preservation of green space, and for all of Novi's parks and recreation facilities."

"Several of us were actually kicking this idea around long before we learned of the parkland transfer agreement", said resident Brian Smith. "The city's actions made us realize that passive recreation users in Novi - hikers, mountain bikers, cross-country skiers, bird watchers, dog walkers - needed more effective representation. Friends of Novi Parks will make sure those voices are heard."

Development within the city is proceeding at a rapid pace and opportunities to maintain green space among the shopping areas and subdivisions are diminishing. "If action is not taken soon, the limited opportunities available today will be lost forever", said former Novi Planning Commissioner Andrew Mutch. "We need a group like Friends of Novi Parks to keep the issue of open space in the public eye."

Friends of Novi Parks plans to work with the city, residents, and other groups to create a long-term plan which will result in a city that has varied and balanced recreational opportunities. Organizers say FONP will look at recreational needs from a regional, as well as a city perspective. They will research and advocate creative use of alternative funding sources, as well as city resources, to preserve land and build or improve facilities.

The Friends of Novi Parks' purpose is to support the protection, acquisition, and development of parks and open spaces within the city of Novi. Membership is open to anyone interested in recreation and parks in Novi. For more information, you can visit their web site at The organization can also be contacted at Friends of Novi Parks, PO Box 123, Novi MI 48376-0123.

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