Between Nine and Ten Mile Roads, West of Wixom Road


253 acres


  • Future Singh Trail
  • Future northern trailhead for Singh Trail

Natural Features:

  • Southwest Core Reserve Wildlife Habitat
  • Wetlands, Woodlands and Wooded Wetlands


  • Ecological Characterization: A study by Dr. Brian Klatt in March 2007 evaluating the botanical, wildlife, and other ecological characteristics of the 16 acre property approved for the 2007 MNRTF grant.


This proposed park includes both lands acquired by the City and land donated by developers. The first property was acquired by the City in the 1980s for stormwater detention. The second property was acquired by the City for the development of Fire Station #4. Most of that property was not needed for the construction of the Fire Station but was retained by the City to protect the woodlands and wetlands on site.

In 2003, Singh development proposed the donation of a portion of its property and the construction of a Trail through its property and the City-owned property. This request was made in order to connect and enhance the City property in exchange for allowing Singh to develop its property at a higher density. This proposal was approved by the City. In 2004, the developer of the Preserve subdivision proposed donating a portion of its property and extending the proposed Singh trail across its property to Nine Mile Road. This proposal was approved by the City and the donation was completed in 2005.

In 2007, the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund approved a grant to acquire 16 acres of land adjoining the "fire station" property.

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