Friends of Novi Parks Responses to City of Novi Statements
Novi, MI., November 20, 2001

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City of Novi officials have consistently misrepresented the facts about North Novi Park and the Sandstone Settlement to the residents. Following is a sample

Claim #1: The total park property is 550 acres. From: Additional Information, Proposed Sandstone Litigation Settlement - October 8, 2001

Fact #1: NNP includes only 441 acres of parkland purchased with the proceeds of the 1993 voter-approved Park Bond proposal. When citing 550 acres of parkland, the City of Novi includes an additional 109 acres including Lakeshore Park, Shawood Lake and nearby storm water retention areas which are not part of NNP. This overstating of the size of the park minimizes the impact of the loss of the 95 buildable/130 total acres on the integrity of the park.

Claim #2: The 12 Mile Road frontage is the least desirable location for parkland and is not required for parkland on the Master Plan. From: Additional Information, Proposed Sandstone Litigation Settlement - October 8, 2001

Fact #2: There is no such indication on the Master Plan that this land is not required for parkland. In fact, this area is designated as part of the Community Park on the City of Novi's Master Plan for Land Use.

Claim #3: "It has been discovered that portions of the 75 acres and 20 acres referenced in the Settlement, which are part of the property acquired for park purposes, are contaminated. With regard thereto, the City Council makes the following findings: a. Based upon the particular contaminations, and all of the surrounding circumstances, it is found that such property is not needed, and may not be suitable to retain for park purposes." From: Novi City Council resolution authorizing settlement with Sandstone - October 15, 2001

Fact #3: It is well documented that the arsenic contamination found in localized regions of the parkland need not be remedied to residential levels, unless residential is built there. The contamination does not make this land unsuitable for parkland.

The levels of arsenic, with three spot sample exceptions, are suitable for parkland use. These areas can be easily remedied by covering them with a clay cap, followed by a layer of topsoil. This will maintain the integrity of the area while protecting the public.

The Friends of Novi Parks' purpose is to support the protection, acquisition, and development of parks and open spaces within the city of Novi. Membership is open to anyone interested in recreation and parks in Novi. For more information, you can visit their web site at The organization can also be contacted at Friends of Novi Parks, PO Box 123, Novi MI 48376-0123.

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